How do you create a landing page that lands customers?

Imagine a guy named Alex is looking for protein powder. He searches online and sees an ad for Protein Today that now offers 20% off everything. Ready to buy protein powder he clicks on the ad and “lands” on a landing page: it’s the moment Alex decides whether he will become a customer or not.

On a good landing page, Alex will find his protein powder immediately. After he found it, it’s a super easy and quick process to order it. To prevent Alex from changing his mind, it’s he’s also not overloaded with unnecessary information about things he’s not looking for (for example different kinds of supplements or vitamins).

Why is it important to have a good landing page?

As the saying goes, “first impressions are everything”. It’s the exact same when it comes to landing pages. A landing page is often the first experience someone has with your business. When someone visits your website, they usually have a reason for being there.

If your landing page doesn’t meet their needs, chances are big that they won’t get the information they want, the product they’re looking for, buy something, or sign up for something. Then, you’ve may have lost a potential customer; That’s of course what we want to prevent.

The result of a bad landing page? A high bounce rate and a low conversion rate.

Guidelines for creating a strong landing page

A landing page can be any page on your website that someone “lands” on from another place. People can end up on your landing page through, for example, ads, social media, e-mails, and friend referrals. When you want to create a strong landing page that leads to conversions, there are some basic guidelines that are good to follow:

  • If your visitors come from an advertisement, it’s important that the landing page they are sent to is relevant to that ad. Do you have an advertisement for protein powder? Then the landing page should be about that offer.
  • Use a call-to-action such as “buy now” to encourage visitors to do what they came for. This can be downloading, buying, and/or reading something.
  • Stay true to your brand’s style, tone and personality.
  • Use images and colors to attract the customer’s attention.
  • Make sure the first thing people see are your most popular features and links.


Using digital metrics for your landing page

If your website has been running for a while, it can be good to use tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Crazy Egg. With the metrics that these tools give you, you can review your landing pages and see how well they work.

Some important things to look at are:

  • Where did your customers come from? This can, for example, be a link on another website, an advertisement, social media, or a search query in Google. When they came from a search engine, it’s important to know which search query brought them to your website.
  • How do visitors behave on your website? Do they immediately bounce off or interact with your products, call-to-actions, images, and offers?

Does the reason people visit your website matches with what they find on your landing page? Then you’re good to go! Is this not the case? Then it’s good to give your landing pages some TLC so you can attract the right customers in the future.

How do you know if your new landing page is strong?

A great way to see if your updated landing page is strong enough is A/B testing. For example, with A/B testing you can test what the best place for your call-to-action is or which call-to-action works best.

Another option is to give a survey to your customers. In this survey you can ask questions such as “why did you visit?” and “were you able to find what you were looking for and if not why?”

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